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  • Name: Google Dorking
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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: Explaining how Search Engines work and leveraging them into finding hidden content!

Google Dorking


Disclaimer: answer are very easy, obvious or given the in room description so it doesn't require details.

Let's Learn About Crawlers#

Name the key term of what a "Crawler" is used to do

Answer: index

What is the name of the technique that "Search Engines" use to retrieve this information about websites?

Answer: crawling

What is an example of the type of contents that could be gathered from a website?

Answer: keywords

Enter: Search Engine Optimisation#

Using the SEO Site Checkup tool on "", does TryHackMe pass the "Meta Title Test" (Yea / Nay)

Answer: yea

How many pages use "flash"

Answer: 0

From a "rating score" perspective alone, what website would list first out of the following two?


Beepboop - Robots.txt#

Where would "robots.txt" be located on the domain ""


If a website was to have a sitemap, where would that be located?

Answer: /sitemap.xml

How would we only allow "Bingbot" to index the website?

Answer: User-agent: Bingbot

How would we prevent a "Crawler" from indexing the directory "/dont-index-me/"?

Answer: Diasallow: /dont-index-me/

What is the extension of a Unix/Linux system configuration file that we might want to hide from "Crawlers"?

Answer: .conf


What is the typical file structure of a "Sitemap"?

Answer: xml

What real life example can "Sitemaps" be compared to?

Answer: map

Name the keyword for the path taken for content on a website

Answer: route

What is Google Dorking?#

What would be the format used to query the site about flood defences

Answer: flood defences

What term would you use to search by file type?

Answer: filetype:

What term can we use to look for login pages?

Answer: intitle: login