IceCTF - 40 - Alien Message - Cryptography



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noraj 1.0 Creation



We found this suspicous image online and it looked like it had been planted there by an alien life form. Can you see if you can figure out what they're trying to tell us?


  • I was pretty sure this picture contein normal text written with a special font so I began to look for alien font/code.
  • Thanks to this article I found it was the Alienese I font from Futurama.
  • Quote from

The first language, a simple substitution cipher, was solved almost instantly.

  • So I looked for decoders for a faster result: I found one here and one here
  • Flag: IceCTF{good_n3wz_3veryon3_1_l1k3_fu7ur4ma_4nd_th3ir_4maz1ng_3as7er_39g5}

POV: This challenge? Cryptography? Really? ... I deplore to still have this kind of challenge in CTF. That's nothing but a lost of time and that have nothing to do with security. That's even not stego because from the beginning we know that's just a font, it's just pain!