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  • Name: The Hacker Methodology
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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: Introduction to the Hacker Methodology

The Hacker Methodology


Methodology Outline#

What is the first phase of the Hacker Methodology?

Answer: Reconnaissance

Just read the course material.

Reconnaissance Overview#

Who is the CEO of SpaceX?

Answer: Elon Musk

Check on Wikip├ędia.

Do some research into the tool: sublist3r, what does it list?

Answer: subdomains

Check the README.

What is it called when you use Google to look for specific vulnerabilities or to research a specific topic of interest?

Answer: Google Dorking

Read the course material.

Enumeration and Scanning Overview#

What does enumeration help to determine about the target?

Answer: attack surface

Read the course material.

Do some reconnaissance about the tool: Metasploit, what company developed it?

Answer: rapid7

Search it on a search engine.

What company developed the technology behind the tool Burp Suite?

Answer: portswigger

Search it on a search engine.


What is one of the primary exploitation tools that pentester(s) use?

Answer: metasploit

Read the course material.

Privilege Escalation#

In Windows what is usually the other target account besides Administrator?

Answer: system

Read the course material.

What thing related to SSH could allow you to login to another machine (even without knowing the username or password)?

Answer: keys

Read the course material.


What would be the type of reporting that involves a full documentation of all findings within a formal document?

Answer: full formal report

Read the course material.

What is the other thing that a pentester should provide in a report beyond: the finding name, the finding description, the finding criticality

Answer: Remediation Recommendation

Read the course material.