Newsoo: a French Usenet access provider has been closed

The man known as Optix, the owner of Newsoo, was taken into custody by the DIPJ the 2016/03/22.

Newsoo was a French Usenet provider, the service was delivering 2 GB of pirated data per second.

Sacem press charges against website on october 2014.

Newsoo was an independant Usenet network, it was a French Autonomous system (AS203679).

Optix, owner and administrator of Newsoo, is 26 years old and was offering access to pirated content Newsgroup for a price from 8€ to 20€.

The website is now closed.

Newsoo had 5000 customers and the man was managing the Usenet network as a legal business.

During the arrest, 650 TB of data was blocked and 130 hard disk drivers was seized.